Basic Navigation Skills
Use of a sextant
New York State Safe Boating


Osprey Marine is an approved commercial provider for the New York State Safe Boating Course.  Anyone who was born after 1996 or operates a PWC  must complete this course and pass a written exam in order to operate a vessel in New York waters.  The classes are offered in a one day, 8 hour session.  Students may prepare for the class by reviewing the on-line text on the State web site.

16 Hour Recreational              Boating Course


This class is based upon the Coast Guard licensing requirements for obtaining the MMC.  It covers topics in more depth than the NYS safe boating class and goes beyond the basics.  Included in the curriculum:  Rules of the Road, Deck Safety, Weather, Navigation, Plotting, Electronics and Vessel Handling.



Devoted specifically to navigation and plotting beginning with its' history  and applications throughout the ages.  Topics include geography of the earth, determining latitiude and longitude, use of nautical charts, celestial, lunar and solar fixes, use of electronic navigational

equipment (Loran, GPS, Radar, Electronic Charts, etc)


                                     Boating Education


Osprey Marine offers boating education classes throughout the year, with our largest offerings occuring during the spring and early summer.  Classes are located in the mid-Hudson Valley at one of our local hotels.  The duration of the class depends upon the course and may run for one 8 hour day or a two day session over a weekend.  Custom classes are also available for groups of ten or more at your location.