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It's Not Just Sailing........

In any business, searching for new ideas to expand your venue is an essential part of growth. Many chartering businesses tend to remain somewhat stagnant in their day to day operations - not necessarily a bad thing (if it ain't broke don't fix it); however, if your goal is to see an increase in business you must start thinking "outside the box". What can you use that very expensive asset you have for other than just going sailing?

And, by the way, if it is just sailing, you are at the mercy of the wind. I once had a customer complain to me that we were not sailing - yes, that is correct, we are not; there is no wind!

At Osprey Marine we are expanding our offerings to small weddings. Our research shows an increasing number of people are getting married with a very limited budget and only want a few friends to join them on their nuptial journey. Perhaps it is a second wedding for them and they prefer a small personal ceremony? We can take up to six on board and the JP or minister can be an "employee" of Osprey Marine and included as "crew".

Osprey is a high end sailing yacht. Built by a company with a long standing reputation of quality and craftsmanship. She shows well, especially with an very anal captain when it comes to maintenance and appearance. It is an ideal vessel for photo ops. Approaching advertising agencies is another way to expand business. Everthing from boat cleaners to a fine wine! It always "looks better on the water".

Rainy day, cold and wet - how about an ad for foul weather gear. It has limitless potential.

So, if you are reading this and think a sailing yacht may be just what you need for whatever give us a call and we can discuss it - remember, it is not just sailing.

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