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Hudson History

The Hudson River offers a unique opportunity to not only sail and cruise its' waters but to view sites reminding of us of times past. The historic lighthouse on Kingston Point is but one example. Other lighthouses guided river travelers for many years and have been replaced in recent times by more modern navigational aids. They still stand, however, as a memory of our rivers history and have been restored by local groups. One lighthouse in Saugeties even operates as a bed and breakfast!

As one sails south out of Kingston the Esopus Lighthouse can be past to starboard - any attempt to leave it on your port side would result in an abrupt grounding on the mud flats between it and the western shore! It never ceases to amaze me how many mariners do just that.

The stately mansions all along the shores of the river also are a reminder of times past. The Mills Estate, Hyde Park and the Vanderbilt Mansion to mention a few.

Come join us on "Osprey" for a historic cruise on the river and a tour of the Hudson River Maritime Museum.

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